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Noodle, Rice & Bowls  / 麺類、ご飯 、どんぶり
Japanese noodle like soba,udon, fried rice & bowl of rice with food on top
I 1
Zaru Soba     
P 320
cold refreshing buck wheat noodles
ざるそば / 자루소바
I 2
Zaru Udon     
P 320
Chilled Udon Noodles
ざるうどん / 자루우동
I 3
P 300
a bowl of rice with a breaded cutlet of pork
カツ丼 / 돈까스덮밥
I 4
P 250
a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs
親子丼 / 닭고기덮밥
I 5
Kaisen Chahan     
P 300
seafood fried rice
海鮮チャーハン / 해물볶음밥
I 6
Chicken Chahan     
P 250
Chicken fried rice
チキンチャーハン / 치킨볶음밥
I 7
P 300
a bowl of rice topped with tempura
天丼 / 튀김덮밥
I 8
Tempura Udon     
P 420
udon noodles in bowl with tempura
天ぷらうどん / 덴프라우동
I 9
Tempura Soba     
P 420
soba noodles in bowl with tempura
天ぷらそば / 덴프라소바
I 10
P 300
japanese noodle with stir-fried vegetable
炒めうどん / 볶음 우동
I 11
Sara Udon     
P 300
Fried noodles smothered in a lot of vegetable
皿うどん / 나가사키 사라우동
I 12
P 60
japanese boiled rice
ライス / 공기밥
I 13
Ishiyaki Rice     
P 90
stone-roasted rice
石焼ライス / 돌솥밥
Zaru Soba
Zaru Udon
Ishiyaki Rice
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